The Penny Sculptures are a series of independent works individually designed by Jane Morgan for site-specific locations in the United Kingdom and more recently represented in The United States of America. This website provides a window on the infinite design possibilities that are realisable.

Each commission undertaken is entirely bespoke – every project unique, all are considered according to the installation location and our client’s instruction. Crafted from her signature bronze One Penny coins, the works are all hand tooled and finished to the highest standards.  Minted before 2008, each coin bares the famous iconic Portcullis motif of The Palace of Westminster. International coinage has also been used in various sculptures, most recently with commemorative coins struck from the Franklin Mint in the United States of America.

The Penny sculptures, have become highly collectable and familiar installations in cities from London to Scotland, many under the ‘Penny for Your Thoughts’ moniker. These coin sculptures have proven to be a firm favourite with the general public and their popularity has generated enormous interest.  So much so, that the Penny Panther, now resides as door manager to the infamous Mayfair restaurant, ‘34’, attracting her own hashtag and an expanding social network following.

Privately, Jane has worked with a number of charitable foundations creating specialised works that have raised considerable sums via international auction companies, with the proceeds benefiting global conservation and humanitarian projects.  Jane Morgan remains dedicated to assisting charitable causes and continues to support fund raising events with specialist commissions.

For information, enquiries, private or public art commissions, please contact us via the Contacts Page.


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